Day Training is designed to work alongside your lessons. It is a great support to help your dog get extra training towards your goals, but not a complete replacement for you working with your dog. It can also be a great source of enrichment for you dog! During Day Training a trainer will come to you and work with your dog while you are busy, focusing on skills you are learning in your lessons.
We are big believers in the benefits of decompression walks. These types of walks can be a game changer for worked up, over aroused dogs, and are just a super nice way for all of our dogs to spend some time. They are much less stressful for some dogs than the neighborhood and give our dogs a chance to really stretch their legs and be dogs. We are proud to be one of the few companies in Austin offering this service.

All of our Decompression Walks are done on a 20-30 foot long line and harness, to ensure safety of all of the dogs we walk with.

Wanting your dog to get a little extra training and needing some help with the heavy lifting? Looking for your dog to improve some skills while you are out of town? Or just looking for the best, most intensive start to your dogs training? Our In Home Board & Train options may be just the ticket!

Don't forget, before you book at Board & Train you must start with an Initial Virtual Lesson!

Private lessons are a great way to customize a training plan to you and your dog. We focus on training towards your specific goals, in the environment where you need the behaviors to work. Our job in these lessons is to teach you how to train your dog, so that you can carry on the training after we are gone. 
All of our Training Packages include lessons, and we are happy to create a la carte schedules of Lessons only for those who prefer the hands on learning. Whether we are meeting with you Virtually via Zoom or In Person, we promise you will learn a lot!
Classes are a great option for training your dog.  Whether you are looking for a lower cost option with still huge impact, live outside of our service area, or are looking for something where you can learn at your own pace. It seems strange to think about how you would work with your dog using the computer and without the trainer being there, but it can be such a great resource!

Our classes give you the opportunity to work at a "self-study" pace with your dog at a very affordable level and allow you to really focus on working with your dog on the skills you really want to improve. You also get the opportunity to maintain access to incredible resources for longer than the class length so that you can really take your time to complete everything!

All of our classes also include opportunities to interact with our trainers and get their feedback on your training! Not only do you get to make progress at your own pace, train in the comfort of your own home (and your PJ's if you wish!), but you still get guidance and feedback from our amazing trainers! It's the best of both worlds.

Get all of the details on all of the options below!