Day Training is designed to work alongside your lessons. It is a great support to help your dog get extra training towards your goals, but not a complete replacement for you working with your dog. It can also be a great source of enrichment for you dog! During Day Training a trainer will come to you and work with your dog while you are busy, focusing on skills you are learning in your lessons.
Day Training
$85 / pet
special pricing per pet
Day Training is a great option for the dog who needs a little extra training time during the week. During Day Training we will focus on the goals set during your lessons, whether that is training time at home or focusing on goals in real world locations. It can be difficult for most owners to work on those goals while fewer people are out and about, and we are more able to work at non-normal times in those spaces.

Each session, your trainer will come to your home and work with your dog for an hour. Your trainer will come between the hours of 10am and 4pm, so that your dog gets a nice break in their day while you are at work, and will determine the best location based on your dogs needs and the available time. It could be a local park, a nearby store, working in the neighborhood, or just around the house. If your trainer selects to go to another location driving time will be limited to 30 minutes total.